Why Wedding Photography is So Important

wedding-photographyChoosing a wedding photographer may be one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your wedding. After the celebrations are over and the guests are gone, the images of the most important day of your life will become treasured memories.

Begin looking early, because many of the better photographers book their dates far in advance. When making your decisions, try to have a good idea of what photography style appeals to you most, i.e.. photojournalistic, traditional, or a fine art look.

Talk to friends and relatives for recommendations-ask to look at their wedding albums.

There are also reception sites, florists and caterers that would be happy to refer photographers that they have worked with in the past. Take time viewing the photographers work. Look through their portfolios to see their style, quality and creativity. Ask to see a complete wedding and not just the ”best of” shots to give you a better idea of what full coverage entails. Ask what type of camera they use and do they have back up cameras and lighting in case of equipment failures.

Make sure the he or she explains in detail what your contract covers. What type of package plan you are getting and what is included. What are the costs for the extra
add-ons? Find out if the photographer that you decided on will be the one who will actually be taking your photographs and not a staff photographer. Keep in mind, although you are hiring a professional for his or her expertise, see that they can be flexible to give you what you are looking for…it’s your wedding day!

Lastly, consider the photographer’s personality and approach.

Choose someone you are comfortable with because they will be like a shadow on the most personal and intimate day of your life. Once your wedding day has come and gone, your will have only three things from your wedding that will actually increase in value – your love for one another – your wedding rings – and your wedding photographs.

Your wedding pictures are priceless!