Forget Stateside: Weddings Abroad Koh Samui Island

wedding-abroadGetting married is a big event wherever your wedding is located. But having your wedding abroad can turn a simple wedding into magical one.

Where Should I Have My Wedding Abroad?

Weddings abroad give you more options than the standard beach or destination wedding. Many couples choose their location based on a shared interest or love of a culture. For example, a couple who shares a love of animals and adventure may choose to get married on safari in Africa. Other couples use a wedding abroad to fulfill a fantasy; there is nothing more romantic than getting married in a castle in Europe! And for many couples, a wedding abroad is a chance to discover their roots and connect with their family’s heritage. Many choose to go back to the country where their parents or grandparents immigrated from and celebrate their wedding with local food and customs.

How Do I Plan My Wedding Abroad?

Hiring a wedding planner is a must! Few are wealthy enough to afford multiple trips to a foreign country to plan their wedding. This is where wedding planners are invaluable. Choose a wedding planner with extensive experience in planning weddings abroad for Americans. Don’t hesitate to ask for references, and look at pictures and videos of other weddings that she/he has planned.

Will My Wedding Abroad in Koh Samui be Legal?

One difficulty in having your wedding abroad is the legality of the wedding. Laws differ from country to country, and can vary quite a bit. Some European countries require residency of one of either the bride or groom; others have no requirement, and foreigners can have a legal civil ceremony without much paperwork. If you are looking to have a religious ceremony, the rules differ according to the religion. For example, if you are getting married in a Catholic church, the Catholic laws that govern marriage here in the United States apply to Catholic churches worldwide. Any marriage that is legally performed and valid abroad is recognized as a legal marriage here in the United States.

Other Things to Remember

Many people who have their wedding abroad have a very small guest list (only close family and friends). But whether your guest list is small or large, you will want to give your guests plenty of notice. Many couples send out a “save the date” card up to a year in advance of their formal invitations. And don’t forget to make sure your passports are up-to-date, and that you have secured any necessary visas for travel. Finally, use your wedding location to your advantage when planning your honeymoon. For example, if you are getting married in Italy, travel to other European countries for your honeymoon can be quite inexpensive. More information at

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